Doctoral Studies

The Graphic Design and Visual Communication department offers the possibility of doctoral studies. The Doctoral Program aims at promoting the original scientific research in the specific area and the fields of knowledge that the Department treats. Through this process, the department aims to create a new active and highly qualified team of scientists that will staff national and international organizations and respective academic departments.

The Doctoral Program leads to the acquisition of a Doctoral Degree (Phd), which certifies the conduct, writing and presentation of an independent original scientific research that reflects the substantial contribution of the holder to the development of scientific knowledge.

The purpose of the Doctoral Studies is fulfilled by the preparation of an original Doctoral Thesis according to the international academic standards under the supervision of a Three-Member Advisory Committee (article 38 of law 4485/2017).


Documents for submitting an application

1. Application for PhD Candidate  FORM
In the application, the candidates list the proposed title of the Doctoral Thesis, the proposed one as Supervisor and the language of the dissertation (the Doctoral Thesis is written in a language decided by the Assembly of the Department – article 38 paragraph 3 of law 4485/17).

2. Photocopy of identity card or passport.

3. Detailed CV.

4. Copies of diplomas (BA ,BScs and postgraduate degrees) recognized by DOATAP.

5. Detailed grading of undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

6. Certificate proving sufficient knowledge of any EU foreign language. If the candidate has completed undergraduate or postgraduate studies abroad, his / her corresponding degree is considered as a certificate of sufficient knowledge of the foreign language. The same applies if the candidate has a foreign language as his / her mother tongue.

7. Concise Draft of the Doctoral Thesis Proposal (article 38 of Law 4485/17) which contains at least the following: Proposed topic of the Doctoral Thesis, description of the purpose and objectives of the Doctoral Thesis, description of the methodology to be followed, expected research results and indicative bibliography.

8. In addition, the candidate may submit any other document that he / she deems may support his / her candidacy.


Overall table of Doctor Candidates.   PDF

Annual progress report form.   FORM