Digital Workflow and Management Systems

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8th Semester (Graphic Arts Technology pathway)

Specialization Category:

Elective Courses (2/4) ( ΜΕΥ )

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Theoretical part

Rapid prototyping & fictitious prototypes.

– Administrative procedures: Planning, organization, management and control.

– Business operating systems. Production systems management. Discussion of practical examples and current trends and developments

– The modern factory – The Industry 4.0 model. and its application in graphic arts

– Analysis of Print 4.0, Paper 4.0, Finishing 4.0, Packaging 4.0 models

– Lean Manufacturing Systems

– Models and applications of Internet of Things, Cycle Production and Big data management in the graphic arts and packaging industry

– Introduction – stock models with static demand, models with dynamic demand, stocks with quantity discounts, production planning, product mixing, production size problems, forecasting systems, moving average, minimum middle square method.

– Programming -n tasks, 1 machine -n ​​tasks, 2 machines, programming to minimize preparation costs, required sequences of tasks.

Lab syllabus

The laboratorial part of the course includes training in the laboratory with

  • Reference and demonstration of modules of the field systems
  • Creation and processing of integrated projects, with the theme: Graphic Arts workflow management systems / MIS Management Information Systems, (with application, among others, of new Internet technologies – Cloud computing technologies), Web-to Print Systems, Structure of digital workflow systems and management.


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  1. Σημειώσεις Διδάσκοντα (Instructor Notes)